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RLK Global Services offers premium Global Greeter Service & Transportation Services around the world.


When you utilize our services you are enhancing your travel needs.

Whether you're a; Founder, CEO, Executive, Entertainer, are traveling with family, or have an unaccompanied minor or elderly parents, let us worry about the logistics.


While using our Greeter Service; one of our representatives will stay with the passenger/'s until the flight has boarded on departures or until they have been put in their preferred mode of transportation for arrivals. Flights are continuously monitored and our clients are alerted of any changes.


We also provide Elite Transportation Services. Let us set up and combine both services for your next trip, domestic or international. Our team supplies legible confirmations, and will update with chauffeur details and any additional information that may be needed (airport instructions/parking passes/access or entrance points). We will keep in touch with colleagues, assistants, booking contacts, and friends on all aspects of your trip -  if desired.


When you take advantage of our highly experienced team, we are confident that no matter the purpose or specific need for travel arrangements, our team will ensure your trip is as hassle-free and as seamless as possible.

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